Neck pain causing you a headache?

Physiotherapy for the treatment of headaches.

Physiotherapy is an effective way to treat and manage headaches, especially those caused by neck pain. In our blog bellow we will explain more about the ways in which we as physiotherapists can help you.

Do headaches disrupting your quality of life?

Are you a victim of headaches?

Are headaches disrupting your productivity at work?

Have you experienced neck pain with the headaches?

Headaches have a number of contributing factors such as back pain or postural pain.

Types Of Headaches:

There are many types of headaches that can occur, as a result, most of us will experience headaches at some stage in our life. For example, Two of the most common types of headaches are:

  1. Tension Headaches (These are caused by physical and emotional stress)
  2. Neck Headaches/ Cervicogenic headaches (These are triggered by underlying spinal issues)

Factors Affecting Headaches:

Although there are many possible causes for headaches, the main causes for those mentioned above (Tension and Neck headaches) are primarily lifestyle elements such as:

– Stress

– Work Postures

– Sleeping Postures

– Exercise Habits

– Studying Postures

Physiotherapy For Headaches:

Due to Physiotherapy Techniques being effective for treating headaches, we strive to improve on how we can help decrease your pain. Therefore, Our OMT trained Physiotherapists in Sunninghill (Sandton) use a number of evidence based modalities to alleviate the discomfort. In other words, preventing the re-occurrence of chronic pain.

Techniques that we use for treating headaches:

Dry Needling

– Joint Mobilisations

Spinal Manipulations

– Postural Correction

Exercise advice and prescription

Massage and Soft tissue release

Physiotherapy doing manual techniques to mobilize the spine and decrease pain.

As a result of their understanding of the body, A Physiotherapist is therefore able to provide a thorough assessment of your pain. In other words, it allows them, for instance, to guide you to a specialist should they determine that it is more appropriate for you to see one, as a result of what they have found. Above all, keeping your best interests in mind.

Due to the fact that Physiotherapists are movement experts, this therefor, this means that they aim to improve your quality of life through pain free movement. In addition to this, they are able to determine through an assessment what would be contributing to the pain, and thus from this what methods of treatment will be most appropriate

Quick Tips From Us!

Posture: This is important for headache management, due to the effect on your postural muscles. Therefore, aim to keep your shoulders level, your chest forward and your chin tucked in

Ergonomics: Make sure your that desk is the correct height, for example, that your back is supported by the chair, your knees are at 90 degrees, your feet flat on the group/ stool and your screen at eye level. Thus allowing your to be supported correctly.

Sleeping: Ensure your neck is supported correctly, therefore providing longer periods of comfort (a Physio can advise you on this)

Call us or contact us to find out how we can help you with your headaches and neck pain:

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