Physio for Neck And Back Pain

Symptoms, Causes and Physio Treatment for Back and Neck Pain

There is a high occurrence of Back and neck pain, thus these are very common conditions that a physio will see and treat.

Among adults, 60% to 80% will experience back pain and 20% to 70% will experience neck pain that interferes with their daily activities during their lifetimes. As a result of this, At any given time, 15% to 20% of adults will report having back pain and 10% to 20% will report neck pain symptoms,daily%20activities%20during%20their%20lifetimes.&text=At%20any%20given%20time%2C%2015,will%20report%20neck%20pain%20symptoms.
The common area that you would feel back and neck pain causing you to see a Physiotherapist

Back Pain can be mild to severe and even debilitating. In other words it can affect your range of movement and quality of life. The neck is located closer to your cervical spine, between the shoulders and your head, as a result of this this it also be easily subjected to injury.’s%20technology%2C%20the,Trauma%2C%20injury%2C%20or%20fractures.

Causes of back and neck pain:

– Trauma

– Injury

– Fractures

– Infection

– Overuse (consequently, from strenuous activity)

– Postural factors (for example: bad ergonomics or underlying postural conditions such as scoliosis)

– Poor muscle tone

– Muscle tension or spasm

– Degenerative conditions to the spine

– Ligament or muscle tears

– Protruding discs

– Irritated nerves

– Stress and anxiety

These are the muscles and ligaments that can contribute to the symptoms of neck and back pain which a physiotherapist will assess.

The goals for Physiotherapy treatment:

A Physio first aim is to decrease pain and stiffness. Secondly to improve the range of motion. Thirdly to prescribe functional strengthening to the area. Finally they aim to impliment strategies to prevent the long term occurrence of pain.

A Physiotherapist treating a patients neck for neck pain pain relief

How Physiotherapy can help with back and neck pain:

The treatment of your back and neck pain will depend on what the physiotherapist will find on assessment and comprehensive diagnosis. As a result of this, We at our Physiotherapy practice (Sunninghill) are OMT trained. This allows us to determine if and how physiotherapy can help your neck and back pain.

Our common treatments in Sunninghill include, to sum it it :

– Soft tissue mobilisation and release. In order to improve movement and decrease pain

– Spinal Joint mobilisation and manipulation by the physio. This is as a method to increase function and movement at the spine interface

– Heat can be applied to the back or neck by the physio. tThereby assisting in decreasing the symptoms

– A Physio can use dry needling to aid in the treatment plan. Thus to also decrease pain

– Ergonomic assessment and re-adjustment is usually conducted by the physiotherapist. This in order to determine this could be causing to your neck and back pain

– Exercise prescription will often be given by your physio. In other words ways to to aid in strengthening and stretching your back and neck muscles.

– Stress management strategies are areas that a physiotherapist can help if they assess your pain to be affected by your stress levels. For example breathing techniques and improved sleep patterns.

A Physiotherapist will give you exercises to aid in long and short term management of neck and back pain

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