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Physiotherapy for Patellofemoral Syndrome

Physiotherapy for Patellofemoral Syndrome. Patellofemoral pain syndrome is broad term to describe pain in the front of the knee, around the knee cap or patella that Physiotherapists deal with. Runners knee or jumpers knees are other common names for this condition as it commonly occurs in those who participate in

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Achilles Tendinopathy. Physio Treatment and Information

Achilles tendon pathologies can either be due to an acute injury, mostly occurring in relation to sports, or have a chronic background and are called tendinopathies. Achilles tendinopathy is one of the most frequent tendon pathologies caused by overuse or overload stresses, which lead to repetitive micro-trauma.,micro%2Dtraumata%20%5B1%5D. What is

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Physio for Neck And Back Pain

Symptoms, Causes and Physio Treatment for Back and Neck Pain There is a high occurrence of Back and neck pain, thus these are very common conditions that a physio will see and treat. Among adults, 60% to 80% will experience back pain and 20% to 70% will experience neck pain that interferes with their

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Physiotherapy for Sciatica

How Physiotherapy can help with your sciatica pain and discomfort? First off, what is Sciatica ? Sciatica is a condition which Physiotherapy has success treating. Because sciatica is a common occurrence for people experiencing lower back pain, we as Physiotherapists therefore see a lot of patients coming in complaining of

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Neck pain causing you a headache?

Physiotherapy for the treatment of headaches. Physiotherapy is an effective way to treat and manage headaches, especially those caused by neck pain. In our blog bellow we will explain more about the ways in which we as physiotherapists can help you. Do headaches disrupting your quality of life? Are you

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Early Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Article by Tom Green This article, written by Tom Green, is a great understanding of training concepts when dealing with stress recovery and over training in patients. Athletes are know to focus more on training and less on recovery. In this article, Tom Green explains how to help your patient

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